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We understand that the workplace can be stressful and stress has a big impact on people's performance, engagement and attendance at work; it's difficult to give your best when you don't feel your best. Back pain, headaches and shoulder tension sound familiar. The deep tissue, advanced techniques used are based on traditional Japanese seated acupressure and Shiatsu, increasing energy levels targeting stress points on the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands and lower back.

Our director Mario De Sousa a Tai Chi lover and a highly skilled Shiatsu practitioner in traditional Japanese methods like Namikoshi and studied directly with the master & founder of the Seiki Meridian Shiatsu, trained in Asia, Europe & Israel. Mario is a multi Award-Winner of the International Massage Association Championship (IMA) and with a passion for the wellbeing of the heart, mind and soul he launched Pressure Point with corporate partners in 2015.

Our mission at Pressure Point is to make wellness services accessible for all those living in a busy urban setting, so that they can receive a personalised, professional massage service, at their convenience and comfort of they home or office. Our therapists are all educated in Japanese seated acupressure.

"We love that we take a great smile from you after you have taken a massage from us"


Seiki Shiatsu

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Mario De Sousa

Energy harmonious state

My journey as a Shiatsu therapist have been grateful and wonderful, the passion that i have for life is the same that i have for Shiatsu.

Shiatsu opened my heart and shaped my soul, showing me a beautiful picture of my inner self strength. In this journey i am learning how to use it for mine and others benefit, therefore i am so glad that its a continuous learning journey.

Shiatsu approach the body, mind, and soul as one, bringing them in a state of harmony and every person have a unique beautiful world of harmony that strengths when they are aligned.

"From the moment the therapist connects within himself, in that space without judgment he will find a world of complete unity and it is in this place where the energy path ways inhabit".
Mario De Sousa

What our clients say

Mario is the most incredible masseur and Shiatsu specialist. I came to see Mario many months ago in the hope he could help me with chronic menstrual pain caused by Endometriosis. He has tailored my weekly visits and has not only managed to help reduce pain so I stop taking strong medicine, his Shiatsu treatments have helped to realign my body and mind. I equally enjoy Marios Shiatsu treatments as well as his award winning chair massage. I can recommend Mario wholeheartedly, he is friendly and professional in a relaxing environment.

Isabelle Brown

"For years I have searched London for a high-calibre shiatsu therapist with the same physical power and discipline as the traditional Japanese shiatsu I have come to know in Canada and Asia. I finally found my answer in Mário de Sousa, whose passionate approach to Seiki shiatsu has brought relief to my 12 years of chronic back pain. Mário is intuitive and generous, and I salute his dogged determination to solve my problem."

Kendon, (Australian writer)

"I have had sports injuries for years and after a few massages with Mario I am now starting to exercise again, pain free. A professional and also an expert in his field, Mario truly connects with you and quickly understands how to treat your body. I will definitely be visiting again very soon!"

Andrea Noble, Noble Empowerment (CEO & Founder)

"With Mario I had my first chair massage. He was wholly professional, took time to connect with me from my arrival, worked wonders on tension, injury, meridians - I floated home! I thoroughly recommend."

Betsan Williams

I’ve been suffering from severe sciatica pain since 2012. In almost two hours of session Mario combined several treatments and helped me to relieve the pain and relax all my muscles. He started with a shiatsu chair massage for my blocked neck followed by a long seiki meridian shiatsu treatment ended by a full body yoga stretch. I ‘ve never felt so relaxed in my life!!! I strongly recommend him!!!

Lucia Ventura

Highly recommended - as a mother and therapist it is important to look after myself and today I received my first and not the last treatment from Mario. His professionalism is outstanding and connected so well with me as his clients that he knew exactly where my tense spots of stored energy and tight muscles were - knowing exactly how to release and relax not only those points but my entire mind, body and soul. I feel in complete homeostasis so thank you Mario I look forward to my next treatment.

Nadia Faucher

Mario may well be the most popular person at Wunderman Thompson! He is always booked solid with a waiting list and many others asking when he will be back in. He is very client focused and takes time to understand what you need. We have had fantastic feedback from employees saying they have felt the benefits long after the actual massage. Thanks Mario!

Tessa McCarffrey, (Wunderman Thompson Senior L&D BP)

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